Recruit Route: Spring College Football Recruiting…what really happens?

Every year, you hear about college football coaches evaluating the next generation of football prospects, visiting high schools, watching film, practice and much, much more!   That happens in earnest each spring, during the Spring Recruiting period and is happening mid April through May 31!

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Some would ask what a day in the life of a college coach looks like during this crazy time of the year….well let me give you some insights!

  1. Lots and lots of visits to high schools!  In fact most college coaches will visit 6-10 high schools each and every day.  Not including meetings, calls, DM’s etc at night.
  2. Lots and chalk talk sessions, film watching etc!  The one thing I can tell you, is coaches love to talk ball and the spring period is a time for information sharing, not just about prospective players, but schemes and much more.
  3. Track and Spring sports evaluations!  Yes, lots of college coaches attend track meets, baseball championships and much more as multi-sport are very popular in Football!
  4. Evaluations, yes, tons of verbal evaluations with coaches on players.  This is an important piece as any, where the local HS coach provides character, talent and the other “non-statistically” information that each college coach is critically important.
  5. Multi-year recruiting!  What I mean is college coaches are getting a handle on the upcoming talent at each school for the next 2-3 years.  This is important especially for early offer type kids.
  6. Rankings!  Not by Rivals, Scout, Max Preps or ESPN, but each college staff is ranking the prospective kids they are interested in.
  7. Offers, yes, some kids get offered scholarships during the spring.  Normally the head coaches at the college makes this offer, during a phone call (allowed once) during the spring recruiting period.
  8. Invites to camp!  Most kids fall into a category where the college coaches would like to see them in action and the best way to do this is at a camp and in person.  A personal invite to attend camp happens often in the spring!

So you see, the Spring Recruiting Calendar is full of activities and college coaches have a plan to handle all of this in a 6 week window of time.  My question for you (whether you are a parent or a prospect) is do you have a recruiting plan?  If not, let our team at the Recruit Route advise you!

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