Are you a high school student-athlete or parent and confused/overwhelmed by the college sports recruiting process? Want a more personalized college sports recruiting experience? Feel like you need a personal guide through the process and sick of getting pestered by folks like NCSA? We have you covered! Recruit Route Elite is the nations leading 1:1 approach to the recruiting process. Recruit Route Elite is now available for student-athlete’s and their parents and includes the same base subscription services as Recruit Route, paired with 1:1 personalized guidance from Bedford Agency’s Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Bedford (Former D1 and D2 Recruiting Director). Want to see the results of Recruit Route Elite! Here you go!

The recruitment process should be personalized for every recruit regardless of level. Bryan and his team bring just that and then some. Recruit Route brings a wealth of knowledge to the recruiting process. It is an extremely helpful tool for families attempting to navigate the ever changing recruiting landscape of NCAA, NAIA and JUCO levels.” -Todd Little, Parent of All-American Kicker Class of 2021, Cameron Little

A subscription to Recruit Route Elite includes:

  • One-on-one recruiting support and education with 24/7/365 access, and a private portal to our staff
  • Private evaluation & college projection
  • College CRM tool, individual micro-recruiting site for each athlete, college search tool, contacts, social profiles, emails and phone numbers to over 80,000 coaches via our partnership with Productive Recruit
  • Weekly college sports recruiting & NIL educational content delivered on Saturdays
  • Access to additional tech partnerships including RPM Data, and ScoutSMART
  • Each athlete will have an account to Honest Game, the industry leading on-demand academic compliance organization
  • National evaluation contacts
  • Each football athlete will be part of the Recruit Route Elite community within ScoutSMART