Recruit Route Ambassador Program

The Recruit Route Ambassador Program is open to individuals or companies who want to be able to offer our market-leading College Sports Recruiting offerings to families, schools, clubs and more. These Recruit Route Ambassadors are similar to other third-party agents in other industries (real estate or insurance agents) where they don’t take ownership of our products or services or directly contract with customers. Rather our Recruit Route Ambassadors find the best solutions we offer to solve the needs of families, coaches and clubs and connect them to the Recruit Route staff who then sell and deliver the offering directly to the end customer. In return we reward the Recruit Route Ambassadors through a predefined set of agency fees for each converted customer.


Each candidate must submit an application to become a Recruit Route Ambassador. We will then contact the applicant within 48 hours and set up an interview, from there have you sign our Recruit Route Ambassador agreement, terms & fee schedule. To get started, please complete the short form below to get start. Remember, the more information you can provide to us the better. Where do you live (City/State)? What sport are you interested in helping with? Do you coach, train, run a business or something else? Which solution are your interested in most: Recruit Route, Recruit Route Elite, Transfer Route or Teams Route?

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For any questions, please reach out to us at!