What is Recruit Route?
It’s a annual “digital only” subscription that offers educational content and resources in an easy-to-consume manner for high school students and parents across the country. It combines digital learning and education, customer relationship management (CRM) style tools for managing the recruiting communication process, and the ability to build their own personal micro-recruiting website.The annual fee for Recruit Route is $499.99.

What’s included in Recruit Route? 

Recruit Route combines three elements of digital learning: Content, Tools and Virtual Workshops. Here is what our customers get from Recruit Route:

·Digital college sports recruiting bi-weekly checklist

·  Email and message college coaches directly from our platform

·  See who sees your emails and profile via our tools

·  Find colleges that fit your interest using our tools

·  Tools to build a digital resume and personalized mini-recruiting website

·  Management tools for all your recruiting engagements

·  Bi-weekly college sports recruiting & name, image, and likeness (NIL) content

·  Expert-hosted, virtual recruiting seminars for Recruit Route members

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