Where do I go if I have support questions?
That’s easy, just email us at recruitroute@gmail.com

How often do you send out content to your members?
We normally send out our long form college sports recruiting and NIL content bi-weekly on Saturday mornings! Check your email if you have an account with us. Our recruiting checklist reminders will then go out bi-weekly on Sundays!

Your website says we get access to a tool to help me with recruiting, can you explain that in more detail?
Sure thing! Yes, you will get an email once you become a member that points you to log in and create your profile and to start leveraging the tool. Once you have created your profile, you can access specific schools, make lists, manage contacts, create micro-website and you will have a recruiting checklist sent to you bi-weekly on Sundays (this aligns to the content we will send to you on the previous day). This tool only has one log-in so make sure you share your email and password with only your parents if you want them involved in helping you manage the process!

I am a parent and don’t know much about recruiting? When should I start with Recruit Route?
We always say its never to early to plan for recruiting. That said, the earliest you should plan for recruiting is around middle school. This is the time when student-athletes are taking sports more serious and you can start to plan for exposure events, and other types of training to make sure the athlete is ready for high school.

What if I want more than Recruit Route offers? Do you offer more of a 1:1 engagement to help our family and son/daughter?
This is why we created Recruit Route Elite 5-years ago. This provides you everything in Recruit Route plus more content, 1:1 portal, personalized evaluations, family meetings, access to more partnerships and assistance with social media and more. If you have a Recruit Route membership today and want to upgrade to Recruit Route Elite, just email us at recruitroute@gmail.com and we will make arrangements to get you upgraded and invoice you accordingly.

Where do you get all your info on recruiting and NIL? Why should we trust you? Good question! Recruit Route and Recruit Route Elite are part of the product family at the Bedford Agency, founded by CEO, Bryan Bedford a 25-year college sports recruiting expert and former D1 and D2 Recruiting Director. Simply put Bryan gets it and knows how recruiting works and doesn’t work.

We really only care about college sports recruiting? How much of this is focused on recruiting vs. NIL?
We believe that recruiting and NIL are very much at an intersection point. However we have designed this to be 85%-90% focused on college sports recruiting (tools/education/expertise) and 10%-15% focused on NIL (protection and brand strategy).