For years, athletic directors, high school coaches, and club coaches have been a vital part of the college sports recruiting process. However, the demands, expertise, and lack of training & professional development around Recruiting, Name Image and Likeness and Academic Eligibility has made managing all of this more challenging now than ever. Teams Route was created to help High School Athletic Directors and Coaches solve for that challenge!

To solve these challenges facing every high school, district, and club program, we have developed a turn-key offering in Teams Route. Teams Route blends professional training, development, tools, educational content, workshops, social promotion, and digital engagement together in the process of Recruiting, NIL and Academic Eligibility.

Bedford Agency and Moore Public Schools Partner on Name, Image and Likeness Education for Coaches and Staff via Teams Route”

What’s included?

Either at the program, school, or club level, we provide the following items as part of the overall service:

College Sports Recruiting Training / Professional Development for Coaches:
Expertly planning trainings and workshops for your coaches. Virtual or on-site we aim to assist and train your coaches in all three of these key areas: Recruiting, NIL and Academic Eligibility.

Educational Content:
Each coach, player, and parent would get access to our weekly content newsletter on College Sports Recruiting. It is loaded with tips and tricks to help with financial aid, videos, compliance, camps, communication, NIL, and more.

Leading Content Library on College Sports Recruiting

Recruiting Tools, Micro-website, College Search tool, and Athlete Eligibility etc.:
Each coach, athlete, and parent would get access to our official tools, CRM platform, digital recruiting checklist, access to over 80,000 college coaches emails, phone numbers, and a full college search database, plus each athlete and HS Guidance Counselor will have an account to Honest Game the industry leading on-demand academic compliance solution!

Teams Route leverages its partnership with Productive Recruit to offer the best in recruiting tools/tech
Each School Guidance Counselor will be training to HONEST GAME and leverage our Academic Eligibility Tools.

Recruiting Coordinator +
Each school then has access to our Recruiting Coordinator + service which includes team social promotion & exposure, digital brochures by team, partnerships with 3rd party data companies for exposure, and a private portal for coach communication with our staff and your coaching staff 24/7/365!

Recruiting Coordinator + partnership changes the game

We view Teams Route as an extension of your staff and a true “partnership”. Our models work so that schools, clubs, individual sports or districts can opt into a Teams Route partnership in whichever model makes sense for them. Please contact us at to make arrangements to discuss this with your coaching staff and administrators!

Teams Route Partners