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Recruit Route Overview

Why Recruit Route?
Education and Empowerment! These are keys for high school student-athletes, transfer student-athletes, parents and coaches and why we created the Recruit Route suite of offerings. We are a firm believer that student-athletes, parents and HS Coaches need education and assistance with navigating college sports recruiting and with the name, image, and likeness (NIL) process. This in short is a path to what many in the industry call “Straight Line Recruiting”.

Recruit Route suite of offerings are designed to help high school student-athletes, transfers and parents, become educated and empowered to manage the process of college sports recruiting and NIL. This is accomplished by digital and personalize offerings to help with step by step instructions, exposure, 1:1 coaching, and educational content to make the recruitment and NIL process easier with tools to interface and manage this complicated process. In turn, using the Recruit Route suite of offerings will help student-athletes, transfer students, parents or guardians, and the high school or club coaches, by making the experience as smooth as possible.

What’s Included:

What are the Recruit Routes suite of offerings?
Recruit Route: is a annual subscription based platform that offers educational content and resources in an easy-to-consume manner for high school students and parents across the country. It is a fully digital education for college sports recruiting and NIL subscription model. It combines digital learning and education, customer relationship management (CRM) style tools for managing the recruiting communication process, and the ability to build their own personal micro-recruiting website.

Recruit Route Elite: is for those that want 1:1 attention provided by a former D1 Recruiting Director. This combine and adds to everything in the Recruit Route package, plus additional relationships, dedicated private portals, evaluations, academic eligibility and access to national contacts. Recruit Route Elite is by far our most popular offering!

Transfer Route: is for those student-athletes who are considering or making a change during there college experience. Here we take the 1:1 aspects of Recruit Route Elite, add our expertise & digital tools to the transfer process to help transfers and families navigate this process.

Teams Route is our High School Coach lead model for recruiting! It blends professional development for HS coaches, industry leading tools (Academic Eligibility, Recruiting Communication, CRM and more), educational recruiting content, recruiting workshops, social promotion, academic eligibility and digital engagement together in the process of college sports recruiting. Either at the program, school, or club level, we provide the following items as part of the overall service.

All packages include our standard digital offering Recruit Route which provides:

  • Digital college sports recruiting bi-weekly checklist
  • Email and message college coaches directly from our platform
  • See who sees your emails and profile via our tools
  • Find colleges that fit your interest using our tools
  • Tools to build a digital resume and personalized mini-recruiting website
  • Management tools for all your recruiting engagements
  • Bi-weekly college sports recruiting & name, image, and likeness (NIL) content
  • Expert-hosted, virtual recruiting seminars for Recruit Route members

Technology Partner


Our partnership with ProductiveRecruit provides a comprehensive technology layer to Recruit Route, Recruit Route Elite and Transfer Route. Together we have transformed the college sports recruiting experience for countless student-athletes and parents.

What other parents say:

Over a year ago our family was introduced to Recruit Route Elite powered by the Bedford Agency. Once we signed up, things started happening for our son Aden Kelley. He received his first D1 Football offer within a few weeks, and to date, has received 23 offers before his commitment to Oklahoma State University. To get the BEST for your child, you should sign up with Recruit Route Elite powered by the Bedford Agency!

― Martin and Jennifer Kelly
parents of Aden Kelley, Oklahoma State Signee Class of 2021 and U.S. Army All-American

We are thrilled to be part of Recruit Route for Reagan’s soccer recruiting! It’s been a game changer for us! We can’t imagine going through this process without the insights, tools and expertise!

― Brian and Kat krajca
parents of a Class of 2023 Soccer Recruit

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Recruit Route is powered by the Bedford Agency, a college sports recruiting company helping educate, inform and guide high school student-athletes as they navigate the college recruiting & NIL journey.

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