Recruit Route: Tips for recruits going through a college coaching change!

Every year we see movement within the coaching ranks that affects recruiting.  Whether it is a coach that is fired weeks before national signing day, an assistant coach leaving for another job before or after you sign your letter of intent or even a coach fired after national signing day.  Honestly none of these are new scenarios but navigating them can be hard on young men and women going through the College Sports Recruitment process.    Here are a few thoughts on the topic of coaching


  1. Take a breather!  There is no need to over-react, decommit quickly or post anything on social media.  Best to let the dust settle, organize a game plan and have some patience.  
  2. Remember the basics!  You commit to the school, not the coach.  While this is a hard concept, times like a coaching change will make this even more critical.    Probably important to realize that coaches WILL move around during your college experience.   Mentally preparing for that will help you in the short and long term. 
  3. There is normally a reason for a coaching change (good, bad and ugly) and while you may not understand all the details change is not always a bad thing.
  4. Evaluate all your options but do so quickly.  This should be done only with your family.  Not on social media, and not for the world to know about. 
  5. If you want, consider talking to another coach (unless you are already a signee and in which you would need to go into the transfer portal and get your release).   Consider taking a visit or setting up a call with another school.  Discuss the implications with your high school or club coach. 
  6. If you are a transfer athlete, make sure you have a strategy before going into the portal. 
  7. Eliminate some of the distractions on social media (if you can).  Maybe even take a break from social media for a while during this transition phase.  No one needs to know your business on social media.  
  8. Keep your communication open (but still private) with coaches that are recruiting you.  You may get a call from an athletic department staffer trying to help bridge the gap, you might be getting feedback from your current coach or mentor but keep gathering information as a family.
  9. If you decide to make a change do so once you have gathered all the facts and information.  Be upfront with everyone and go from there (making it public or not).  No need to draw attention to yourself.  Just handle things in a business-like manner.  Always keep your HS/Club coach in the loop!
  10. Breathe again.  Its going to be okay!

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