Transfer Route added to the Recruit Route of products to help with student-athletes

With the expanded and evolving rules for student-athletes entering the process of transfer from one college to the other, we have set out to support that movement with the creation of Transfer Route an advisory service to help student-athletes and families navigate this ever evolving process. Whether you are at a 2-year Junior College or moving from a 4-year College to another College, Transfer Route is designed to help you and your family.

Transfer Route is designed as a 3-month advisory service to efficiently help student-athletes and families understand and navigate the process and options for transferring from one college to the other.

  • Dedicated 1:1 “family portal” with Recruit Route Elite Staff! We are your recruiting concierge service in a way.
  • 90 minute personalized transfer recruiting meeting with each family (Discuss Compliance, Portal, Options and More) by a former D1 Recruiting Director.
  • Transfer “action plan”
  • Digital college sports recruiting bi-weekly checklist
  • Email and message college coaches directly from our platform
  • See which college recruiting staff/coach sees your emails and profile via our tools
  • Find colleges that fit your degree interest using our tools
  • Academic Eligibility tool via HONEST GAME.
  • Tools to build a Transfer Athlete digital resume and personalized mini-recruiting website for Transfer student-athletes
  • Management tools for all your recruiting engagements
  • Weekly college sports recruiting & name, image, and likeness (NIL) content
  • Expert-hosted recruiting seminars for Transfer Route members

Olivia Simmons, Transfer from Purdue to American University in 2021

“From the start, Bryan was open about what he could do and what he could not do to help our daughter with the transfer process, that was refreshing. And what he did do was fantastic! He explained the transfer portal, the best time to go in, was always personally available for questions, coordinated the process, and provided easy-to-use software for coaches to view her profile. In addition, Bryan and Transfer Route was a good source of direction for our student-athlete other than her non-athlete parents. Highly recommend!”

Stephen Simmons, Parent of Olivia Simmons who transferred from Purdue to American University in 3 weeks.

Bryan Bedford, CEO, Bedford Agency and Recruit Route, Recruit Route Elite & Transfer Route

The cost for a 3-month subscription to Transfer Route is $899.99. For more information on Transfer Route, please email us at

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