Want a more personalized recruiting experience for you and your family? Recruit Route Elite is the solution!

Want a more customized college sports recruiting experience? Feel like you need a personal guide through the process? We have you covered! Recruit Route Elite is your solution and now available for student-athlete’s and their parents and includes the same subscription services as Recruit Route, paired with 1:1 personalized guidance from Bedford Agency’s Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Bedford.

The concept of Recruit Route Elite has been in place as an advisory service at Bedford Agency for over 5 years but has been re-designed as a premium offering for those wanting or needing a more hands-on approach.

  • Dedicated 1:1 “family portal” with Recruit Route Elite Staff!
  • 90 minute personalized recruiting meeting with each family
  • Evaluations for each athlete
  • Digital college sports recruiting bi-weekly checklist
  • Email and message college coaches directly from our platform
  • See who sees your emails and profile via our tools
  • Find colleges that fit your interest using our tools
  • Tools to build a digital resume and personalized mini-recruiting website
  • Management tools for all your recruiting engagements
  • Weekly college sports recruiting & name, image, and likeness (NIL) content
  • Expert-hosted recruiting seminars for Recruit Route Elite members

For questions about Recruit Route Elite, contact us at recruitroute@gmail.com

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