Recruit Route: Campus Tour tips for student-athletes and transfers

As an student-athlete taking visits to a college campus (unofficial or official visits) is critical. To better equip you on these visits we have compiled a checklist for your campus visit:

  • While on your campus visit, talk to as many people as you can and get a feel for the atmosphere. Don’t pass up a chance to ask questions. Use this campus visit checklist to assist you during your campus tours.
  • Get contact information for a couple of the current players. They will be truthful about their experience as a student-athlete.
  • Visit the school’s website to learn how to set up a campus tour if you are considering taking an unofficial visit to campus as a student-athlete. Tours are usually scheduled throughout the day, so your family may wish to plan the day around the tour.
  • Schedule interviews with campus officials in admission, academic advising, housing and in your field of study. Ask about the number of classes you should take each semester, meal plans and parking.
  • Read a school newspaper or school mobile app to get an idea of the campus culture. Drop in at the Student Life office to ask about student organizations and student activities.
  • Regardless of your scholarships or walk-on situation, it is critical to grab any financial aid or application forms you may need. Ask about the school’s scholarship and FAFSA deadlines.
  • Have a handful of questions ready to go at all times when talking to coaches!
  • If possible, sit in on a class that interests you. Talk to coaches or sponsors of activities that interest you.
  • Sit in on coaches film study with other players when possible.
  • Scan bulletin boards to see what activities are available. This is also a good way to get a feel for job opportunities in the area.
  • Eat in the cafeteria or around campus to check out the dining options available to you.
  • Visit the dorms if you plan to live on campus. Ask about dorm security
    practices and for a list of what you can and can’t bring with you to the dorm.
  • Talk with current regular students about campus life and ask questions. Do they attend games, atmosphere, etc.?
  • Ask someone in the health clinic about their hours and the services they provide.
  • Visit the college bookstore to price new and used books.
  • Stop by the library and ask about their checkout procedures.

Here is an outline of questions to ask and places you can fill in yourself to make the campus visit experience a success.
Admission Office
1. When is the deadline for admission?
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
Financial Aid Office
1. Will my financial aid offer cover my expenses?
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
Academic Advising
1. What classes should I take my first semester?
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
On-Campus Child Care
1. What time does the child care center open and close?
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
Career Services
1. What steps can I take to strengthen my resume?
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
Health Clinic
1. What types of services do you offer?
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
Student Life Office
1. Is there a student organization for my major?
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
Parking and Transportation Office
1. Am I allowed to have a car on campus as a freshman?
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
1. When is the library open?
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________

1. What type of programs do you have in place to help with Name, Image and Likeness? 2._______________________________________

Housing Office
1. How will my roommate be chosen?
2. ______________________________________

Coaching Staff

1. Development plan for me as an athlete?

2. _________________________________________

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