Recruit Route: Recommendations, the lifeblood of our business!

We are honored so many families have trusted us along their college sports recruiting journey. We hope that in some way these recommendations will help ease your understanding of how we help athletes aspiring to be recruited at any level of college athletics, to those that are managing the chaotic Division I process, and to those handling name, image and likeness (NIL) needs, we are the perfect solutions to help you. Here are just a few of the recommendations we have received along the way:

Bryan Bedford
CEO, the Bedford Agency & Recruit Route

“Over a year ago our family was introduced to Bryan Bedford and Recruit Route powered by the Bedford Agency.   Once we signed with the Bedford Agency things start happening for our son Aden Kelley. He received his first D1 football offer within a few weeks, and to date has received 23 offers before his commitment to Oklahoma State University.  Bryan is a walking encyclopedia of what the college recruiting process is all about. He knows what colleges are looking for in a recruit both academically and in their athletic ability. Bryan & Recruit Route Elite was there to guide us through the whole process.

Aden Kelley, Class of 2021 signee with Oklahoma State University

-Martin and Jennifer Kelly, parents of Aden Kelley, Oklahoma State University Signee Class of 2021 & U.S. Army All-American

Aden Kelley, All American and Oklahoma State University Signee

“From the start, Bryan was open about what he could do and what he could not do to help our daughter with the transfer process, that was refreshing. And what he did do was fantastic! He explained the transfer portal, the best time to go in, was always personally available for questions, coordinated the process, and provided easy-to-use software for coaches to view her profile. In addition, Bryan was a good source of direction for our student-athlete other than her non-athlete parents. Highly recommend!”

-Stephen Simmons, parent of Olivia Simmons, Transfer from Purdue to American University (Less than a month process working with us) in 2021

Recruit Route gave us a plan and advised us on steps to take in the process. We committed as a family to “follow the plan” precisely as they instructed. I believe they were instrumental in helping Drew achieve his goal to play college football. I highly recommend the Recruit Route for any recruiting assistance.

–Adam & Cassi Rosko, parents of Drew Rosko, University of Central Oklahoma signee, Class of 2019.

Drew Rosko, Class of 2018 Signee with the University of Central Oklahoma

“Bryan possesses a deep knowledge and understanding of the college recruiting process that is second to none. Having worked on the staff of a Power 5 D1 Football program he understands what schools at all levels are looking for in recruits both athletically and academically. What we valued the most is his honesty about our son’s ability and his potential as a student athlete. Navigating the process and myriad of recruiting calendars and deadlines can be overwhelming at times but Bryan worked with us throughout the entire process and was always a phone call, text, or email away for answering any questions we had. He truly wants what is best for your son or daughter and your family. My advice to potential college athletes and families is the sooner you use the Bedford Agency and Recruit Route the better.“

 -Todd and Rhonda Little, parents of Cameron Little, University of Arkansas Signee Class of 2021 & U.S. Army All-American (#1 Kicker in the country according to ESPN)

Cam Little, 2020 Signee with the University of Arkansas

“If you have an athlete start early and sign up with Bryan Bedford and Recruit Route Elite powered by the Bedford Agency. The late night and early morning phone calls we made to Bryan when we were in a panic or had questions about what coaches were telling Jocelyn about recruiting him were more important than words can describe. This process has been an absolute blessing and stressful at times but without Bryan’s help we would still be trying to figure out this whole recruiting thing. Thanks for your knowledge and friendship!!”

-David and Alisha Malsaka parents of Jo Malaska 2021 signee with the University of Utah.

Jo Malaska, Class of 2021 signee with the University of Utah

“Thank you Recruit Route for helping me in my transfer process. In five weeks, you help me garner several very strong offers and I couldn’t be more excited to be going to a perfect fit at my new college home. From helping ensure I stayed compliant with NCAA regulations to helping strategize who and how to contact potential colleges, your personalized and specific advice made all the difference.”

-Nathan Clayton, – Transfer QB from Ithaca University to Anderson University (Five weeks working with us) in 2022

Nathan Clayton, Anderson University (transfer) QB

“Thank you Recruit Route for all of your help along the way. We would not be here without all your guidance, including your ongoing help as we navigate going from “recruit” to “recruited” to soon be enrolled student-athlete. Whew! If you wan tto play at the next level then I highly recommend Recruit Route. Through this process, I have learned that if you are good enough and you really want to play at the next level, there is a place for you. However, finding that place takes a ton of work, dedication, and a great plan. Having Bryan Bedford and Recruit Route as a resource, following his plan, and all of his guidance along the way has been and continues to be an incredible resource for us.”

-Scott and Lisa Fuller parents of Logan Fuller 2021 signee with the New Mexico State University

Logan Fuller & Family (Kicker, New Mexico State)

“Reagan recently announced her commitment to play soccer at Stephen F. Austin and it simply would not have happened without the guidance, support, tools, education and encouragement that Bryan Bedford and Recruit Route provided her throughout her recruiting process. Bryan set out a clear plan for Reagan and stayed on top of her to #followtheplan…which she did. Without filling them with dreams of grandeur, Bryan sets out a proactive approach where the athlete takes control of their recruiting process and goes after the schools they are interested in, while guiding them on finding the right level and fit for them. It requires a lot of hard work, but Bryan was right there all along the way providing guidance and accountability and was a calming force through the highs and lows of the journey. “

-Bryan and Kat Krajca parents of Reagan Krajca 2023 commit with the Stephen F Austin

Reagan Krajca, Forward SFA

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