Bedford Agency Launches Recruit Route for College Sports Recruits, Parents and Coaches

News Summary:

  • Bedford Agency unveils Recruit Route and Recruit Route Elite products to help educate student-athletes in college recruiting and name, image, and likeness journey
  • Recruit Route Elite product offers premium level of service with hands-on, customized approach with CEO, Bryan Bedford
  • Bedford Agency launches Recruit Route Partner Program

Oklahoma City, OK – Bedford Agency, a college sports recruiting company, announces today the introduction of a new set of products and a partner program to help educate, inform, and guide high school student-athletes as they navigate the college sports recruiting and name, image, and likeness (NIL) journey. 

Data from the NCAA shows that out of all high school student-athletes, less than 10% go on to play a sport in college. This is not for lack of interest. There are many young and talented hopefuls that don’t have the experience or tools needed to help them stand out from the competition.

With the recent decision to allow compensation for NIL of college athletes, NIL is also growing in relevance for high school recruits and families, impacting the way they approach the recruiting process.

Bedford Agency’s new product line, Recruit Route, offers education and resources for these student athletes and their families in an easy-to-consume manner. It is a fully digital recruiting and NIL subscription model, combining digital learning and education, CRM-style tools for managing the recruiting communication process, and the ability to build out their personal micro-recruiting website. In addition, Recruit Route unlocks access to over 80,000 college coaches’ emails, social media handles for coaches, a digital recruiting checklist, and expert-hosted virtual learning sessions for recruits and their parents.

For a more customized experience, Recruit Route Elite is also available to athlete’s and their parents and includes the same subscription services as Recruit Route, plus an academic eligibility tool and a dedication 24/7/365 communication portal all paired with personalized guidance from Bedford Agency’s Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Bedford.  The concept of Recruit Route Elite has been in place as an advisory service at Bedford Agency for over 5 years but has been re-designed as a premium offering for those wanting or needing a more hands-on approach. A subscription to Recruit Route Elite also includes additional content, one-to-one coaching, evaluations, additional exposure, direct communication portals, and more.

Both Recruit Route and Recruit Route Elite will be sold both directly to customers and through partners nationally on

Today also marks the launch of the Recruit Route Ambassador Program. Under the program, partners of Recruit Route can position this product to different groups of youth athletes through clubs, associations, school districts, performance coaches, and rights holders who are taking various offerings to market as partners. 

 “NAS is excited about Recruit Route because it aligns with our objectives, which is to provide best in class products and services that bring value to our students and communities,” said James Shipley, CEO, National Amateur Sports. “Recruit Route focuses on education and empowerment which gives parents and students the information they need to navigate the recruiting process and make it a rewarding experience, without any false expectations about getting your student athlete recruited.”

 “The Recruit Route and Recruit Route Elite products are a phenomenal set of products to address the needs of student-athletes and families when they reach the intersection of college sports recruiting and the name, image and likeness journey,” said Bryan Bedford, Chief Executive Officer, Bedford Agency. “Having the ability to make this process simpler and more enjoyable for student-athletes and their families is a pleasure, and we’re excited for them start taking advantage of our new products, services, and partnerships today!”

About Bedford Agency

Bedford Agency provides actionable insight and expertise for student-athletes and families navigating the College Sports Recruiting process. We are uniquely positioned to offer expertise, educational content, and technology to transform the college recruiting process like never before with our products Recruit Route and Recruit Route Elite. Bedford Agency was founded by CEO Bryan and Desiree Bedford.  Bryan has over 25-years of College Sports Recruiting Experience serving as Division I Recruiting Director at TCU and Division II Recruiting Director Southern Nazarene University as well as an executive at some of the leading sports video, recruiting evaluation and fortune 50 tech companies. 

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