Women’s Soccer Recruiting Testimony and the impact of working with Recruit Route

College Sports Recruiting is a journey, it has its ups and downs all along the way and the journey to play D1 women’s soccer can be grueling! Reagan was like a lot of girls. She wanted to play with her friends, love the sport, also wanted to play close to home for club ball while also playing for her High School team. She declined to play ECNL in return for playing with friends. She made that decision knowing that she would have to start the process early, shine at college camps, be very targeted, have a robust video library, and have an awesome recruiting communication strategy. She nailed it. Listen to what her family has to say about working with Recruit Route and her journey to play Division I soccer at Stephen F. Austin University.

“The recruiting process involves much more than just sending emails and attending camps. Recruit Route provides all the education, tools, and resources necessary to navigate the recruiting process. We have used Recruit Route Elite, which also provides personal consultation that has been instrumental in guiding my daughter through the process. There is no doubt that my daughter would not be where she is in the recruiting process without the support, accountability, council, and expertise of Bryan Bedford, CEO of Recruit Route.   We are thrilled we were part of Recruit Route for Reagan’s soccer recruiting! It’s been a game changer for us! We can’t imagine going through this process without the insights, tools and expertise!”― Brian and Kat krajca
parents of a Stephen F. Austin Soccer Signee in the Class of 2023.

If you need help with the college sports recruiting process, let us help. Contact us at 405.503.9284 or visit our website at http://www.recruit-route.com.

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