The most comprehensive 2023 Summer College Football Camp List in the country!

Each year, Recruit Route takes the dates of Division I, II, III and NAIA Football Programs summer evaluation camps. Have a camp date we are missing? Please send it to us at For more information on how we educate and empower parents, coaches and student-athletes in College Sports Recruiting and NIL please visit

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May 25: UTPB (Arlington, TX),

May 26: UTPB (Houston, TX),

May 27: East Central Ok (Blanchard, OK), UTPB (Austin, TX), Cumberland,

May 28: Texas Tech, Drake, UTPB (Odessa, TX), Temple, Wayne State, Georgetown College,

May 29:

May 30: Rutgers, Eastern Michigan, Duquesne,

May 31: Robert Morris, Kansas, Colorado, West Virginia, Ursinus College, Clemson,

June 1: Clemson, Ferris State, K-State, Miami (SP), UTSA, Oklahoma, UCF (SP), Texas State, Houston (MEGA), Missouri, Mercer (MEGA), UNLV, Southern Utah, PVAMU (MEGA),

June 2: Lindenwood (Mega), Mercer, Valdosta State, South Carolina, Va Tech, Duke, Wake Forrest, Montana State, SMU, Central Oklahoma (OL/DL), Ouachita Baptist, Houston (MEGA), Keiser, Toledo, Missouri (SP), Kentucky Wesleyan, Richmond, Thomas More, Southern Utah, Incarnate Word,

June 3: Lindenwood (MEGA), TCU, South Alabama, UCONN, Duke, Wake Forrest, Kentucky Weslyan, Oklahoma, SMU, Arizona State (MEGA), Central Oklahoma (OL/DL), Robert Morris (MEGA), NAU, Notre Dame (OL/DL), Winona State, Georgia State, Keiser, UMASS (OL/DL), Tenn State, Mercer (MEGA), Texas, Maryland, Iowa State (OL/DL)

June 4: TCU, Drake, Marist, East Carolina, Va Tech, Shenandoah, Minnesota, North Carolina, Wake Forrest, Bowling Green, Boston College, Pitt, Ok State, Miami, Central Arkansas (MEGA), NAU, Georgia State, Western Carolina, Syracuse, NW Missouri State, Westminster College, South Florida, Marshall, Kentucky, Davenport,

June 5: Augusta, West Virginia, Youngstown State, Florida, Auburn,

June 6: Virginia, Northwestern, Ok State (SP), Arizona State, UCF, UAB, Iowa State,

June 7: Eastern Kentucky, Youngstown State, North Carolina, Wake Forrest, Robert Morris, Texas State, Colorado, Mississippi Valley (MEGA), Rutgers, Alabama, Michigan, Auburn, Incarnate Word, Texas A&M, Iowa State,

June 8: Va Tech, Eastern Kentucky, St. Thomas, Virginia, Ohio State, Duke, Miami, Akron, McNeese State, UTSA, Oklahoma, Arizona State, Texas Tech, UAB, South Florida, Auburn (OL/DL), OK Baptist, Texas A&M, Duquesne,

June 9: Lindenwood, South Carolina, Valdosta, Eastern Kentucky, Wake Forrest, K-State, San Jose State, McNeese State, Central Oklahoma, Texas State, Houston, Toledo, Auburn, Incarnate Word, Texas A&M,

June 10: Lindenwood, St. Thomas, East Stroudsburg, Quincy, Virginia, Wake Forrest, Indy (MEGA), San Diego State, San Jose State, Virginia Union, Central Oklahoma, NAU, Utah State, Houston (OL/DL), Austin Peay, East Texas Baptist, Missouri, Old Dominion, William Jewell, UNLV, Cumberland, Texas (SP), SAGU, Ok Baptist, Sioux Falls, Texas A&M Commerce, Maryland,

June 11: Grandview, East Carolina, Morningside, Va Tech, Pitt, Bowling Green, Boston College, Arkansas, K-State (SP) (OL/DL), San Diego State, James Madison, Colorado State, UCF, Robert Morris, Texas Tech, NAU (MEGA), Houston (SP), Temple, UNLV, Auburn, Texas,

June 12: West Virginia, Youngstown State, Ohio State, Fairleigh Dickinson, Colorado State, McNeese State (SP), UM-Duluth, Alabama, St. Francis, Mass Maritime, Florida, Kentucky, South Dakota State,

June 13: Newberry, Virginia, Northwestern, Ok State (OL/DL), Oklahoma, Arizona State, UCF, UAB, Samford, Kentucky, Iowa State,

June 14: Minnesota, Youngstown State, Ohio State, Wake Forrest, Duke, Arkansas (OL/DL), Sacramento State (MEGA), Utah State, Kansas (MEGA), Colorado (OL/DL), Tenn State, Alabama, Michigan State, Michigan, St. Francis, Kentucky, Auburn, Lamar, Wagner, Texas A&M, Iowa State,

June 15: East Carolina, Virginia, Ohio State, Duke, Arkansas, Pitt State, Miami, Sacramento State (MEGA), Colorado State (SP), Carroll, UTSA, Oklahoma, Arizona State, Utah State, Notre Dame, Houston, UAB, Elon, Samford, Auburn (OL/DL), Monmouth, Culver-Stockton (MEGA), Elon, Texas A&M, Duquesne,

June 16: Southern Nazarene, South Carolina, St. Thomas, Wake Forrest, Arkansas, Montana State (SP), San Diego State, James Madison, Akron, Montana Tech, Central Oklahoma, Utah State, Washington, NDSU, Western Carolina, Austin Peay, Colorado School of Mines (OL/DL), UT-Chattanooga, St. Francis, Eastern Michigan, Pikeville, UNLV, Lamar, Incarnate Word, Texas A&M, Idaho State,

June 17: Bryant, Drake, Kent, South Carolina, Virginia, Northwestern, Pitt, Arkansas, East Central Ok (Tulsa, OK), San Diego State, James Madison, San Jose State, Central Oklahoma, NAU, NDSU, Austin Peay, Colorado School of Mines, UAB, Delaware, Fresno State, Samford, Texas A&M Commerce,

June 18: East Carolina, Pitt, San Diego State, Hillsdale College, Texas Tech, NAU, NDSU, Colorado School of Mines, Rutgers, Marshall, Georgetown College,

June 19: South Carolina, West Virginia, Idaho, Stanford (SP & OL/DL), Illinois State, William & Mary, UMASS, Florida, Maryland,

June 20: Ohio State, Northwestern, Utah State, Notre Dame, Stanford, Toledo (SP), Old Dominion, Mass Maritime, Colorado Mesa,

June 21: South Carolina, Boston College, Arkansas (OL/DL), James Madison, Kansas, Illinois State, William & Mary, Alabama, Michigan, Michigan State, New Hampshire, Wagner, Maryland,

June 22: Penn, Yale, Va Tech, Newberry, Miami, Notre Dame, Houston, Stanford, UAB (OL/DL), Old Dominion, South Dakota State, Colorado Mesa,

June 23: Southern Nazarene (OL/DL), Penn, Columbia, Dartmouth, Wake Forrest, Bowling Green,  Montana State, James Madison,   Akron,  NDSU,   Toledo (OL/DL), Missouri,     Illinois State,   William & Mary, St. Francis, Kentucky Weslyan, Citadel, Cumberland, Navy, Northern Colorado,

June 24: Princeton, Columbia, Grandview, Dartmouth, Wayne State, UCONN, Bowling Green, East Central OK (Red Oak,TX), James Madison, Henderson State, Washington State, NDSU, Syracuse (OL/DL), Rutgers (OL/DL), Illinois Stat (OL/DL), Alabama, UNLV, Southern Utah, Davidson, NWOSU,

June 25: Lockhaven, Columbia, Yale, Dartmouth, Va Tech, Bowling Green, K-State, Miami, University of Rochester, NDSU, Brown, South Florida, Marshall, Bloomsburg,

June 26: Brown, Illinois State,

June 27: Western Illinois, Wesleyan,

June 28: Bryant, Wesleyan, Brown, Illinois State, Mass Maritime,

June 29: Idaho,

June 30: Southern Nazarene, Princeton, SUNY-Courtland,

July 1: Yale, Carthage, MIT, Illinois State,

July 2: Princeton,

July 3:

July 4:

July 5: Penn, Yale,

July 6: Penn, Yale,

July 7: Penn, Columbia, Yale, Dartmouth,

July 8: Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Yale, Williams College, Brown, Cumberland, Sioux Falls,

July 9: Columbia, Dartmouth, Yale, Brown,

July 10: UM-Duluth, New Hampshire,

July 11: Southern Arkansas,

July 12: Brown,

July 13: Princeton, St. Thomas,  Brown, Delaware, Elon, Southern Arkansas,

July 14: Yale, Pitt State, MIT, Richmond, Richmond, Mercyhurst, Citadel,

July 15: Cornell, Drake, Grandview, St. Thomas, Wayne State,  East Central OK (Richland, TX), Delaware, Nebraska Kearney, Drake, Elon, Richmond, Southern Arkansas,

July 16:  Cornell, Chadron State, Austin Peay,

July 17: Navy,

July 18:

July 19: Shepherd,

July 20: Pace, Austin Peay,

July 21: Bryant (SPL), Lockhaven, Penn, St. Thomas, East Central OK, Central Ark, Austin Peay, Missouri S&T, Fort Hays, UT-Chattanooga, Incarnate Word, Northeastern OK,

July 22: Cornell, Bryant, Princeton, Penn, Drake, Quincy, Chadron State, Central Ark, Carroll, Virginia Union, Drake,

July 23: Cornell, Bryant, Lockhaven, Penn, Pace, Central Ark, Northern Kentucky (OL/DL), Navy, Northeastern OK,

July 24:

July 25: Eastern Washington, Alabama,

July 26: Eastern Washington, Shepherd, New Hampshire,

July 27: Pace, Texas State (SP), UTPB (Lancaster, TX), Colorado School of Mines,

July 28: Utica, Va Tech, East Stroudsburg, UTSA, Winona State, UTPB (Missouri City, TX),

July 29: Minnesota, Idaho, UTPB (San Antonio, TX), Colorado School of Mines, Old Dominion,

July 30: Coe College, Morningside, UTPB (Odessa, TX), Houston,

July 31:

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