NCAA updates NIL policies for High School Recruits

On Jan 1, 2023 the NCAA issued a new bylaw that enables the NCAA to act on the “Presumption of a Violation Related to NIL Activities”. What is important to note on this topic for high school student-athletes is that no longer does the NCAA need to collect written evidence (text, email or phone records) to justify that there was an impermissible contact or offer made to a prospective student-athlete. In accordance with the new bylaw, “when available information supports that the behaviors leading up to, surrounding and/or related to an NIL agreement or activity were contrary to NCAA Division I legislation and/or the interim NIL policy, the enforcement staff and NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions shall presume a violation occurred“. From that point it will be up to the college institution to rebut this claim.

It is important that high school student-athlete understand the following:

1. Can not be in contact with a third party representative (booster/collective) of a university about NIL deals until after they sign with the institution

2. Can not receive an offer from institution’s staff for an NIL opportunity during the recruitment process

3. Can not enter into a NIL agreement or announce it prior to the student-athlete enrolling in the institution.

4. They can not participate in an NIL activity until after they enroll in the institution.
This document outlines the impermissible contacts, offers and benefits that the NCAA is concerned with and how it will conduct its investigations.

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New NIL Guidelines from the NCAA

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