A Solution to Help High School Coaches Manage the Recruiting Process: Teams Route

I know it sounds cliché, but it cannot be more true that “teamwork makes the dreamwork.” I would not be here today if it were not for my team, coaches, and advisors. A team is defined as a group that comes together to achieve a common goal. We all have different goals and ambitions that lead us to our futures, and that is why I created Teams Route, a turnkey offering to help high school coaches manage the complex nature of recruiting in college sports.

Your athletes can attain the next step of their sports journey with the help of the coaches, and individuals around them. Teams Route is an offering that joins together several recruiting elements to help guide your community of athletes to their next step.

Teams Route includes: College Sports Recruiting Training/Professional Development for your coaching staff, Expert Tools for Communication and Recruiting Roster Management (every player, coach and parent will have access too), Academic Eligibility reports on every student-athlete, Best in Class Recruiting and NIL education newsletter and more.

As a coach, your athletes look to you for guidance, support, and honesty across the recruiting process. Through Teams Route, we ensure that coaches, players, and parents are enabled to be that key part of the recruiting process. In a recent meeting with a high school coach, one head coach described Teams Route as “an extension to coaching their team.” We understand that as a coach you have jam packed schedule, and our goal is to remove any complicated or complex elements of recruiting with top-notch recruiting support through a mix of our digital tools and educational experiences. This will help make sure you are prepared to care for your athletes and team members. It is my intent to provide guidance, education, knowledge, and insight across important recruiting categories such as academic eligibility, the recruitment process, and NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness).

Our offering is backed by years of expertise and incredible partnerships including Productive Recruit, Eccker Sports, and Honest Game. Those experiences, coupled with your experiences as a coach, will ensure that not a single step of the recruiting process gets brushed over for any member of your team. Trust our process as you lead your athletes to playing their next game in college. I can confidently tell you that we are your partner to help guide you through this process.

Remember that “teamwork makes the dreamwork,” and Teams Route makes it come true.

Run Your Route,

Bryan Bedford
CEO of Recruit Route

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