Expanding Scholarships and the impact to High School Recruits

This week (officially Wednesday) the NCAA’s Division I Council will approve a year-year waiver of signing and initial counter limits. In essence this means that for a Football Program which normally could only sign up to a 25-man signing class can now extend that by 7 to a 32-man signing class. Good news right? Of course it is.

“We believe schools should have temporary flexibility to help address possible roster depletion due to transfers,” NCAA D-1 Football Oversight Committee chairperson Sandy Barbour. “This one-year waiver enables schools to properly utilize their scholarship limitations.”

So what do we make of this and what are the implications to high school recruits? Well, if I was managing a roster I would certainly be relieved. Manage a roster and dealing the with turnover we saw last year with upwards of 2,500 players entering the transfer portal (roughly 1 in 6) had to be a nightmare. As for high school recruits, I see this as a win overall. It likely opens up another 3-4 spots in a signing class. We know the majority of those kids that declare to transfer will do so right after their season expires so that means filling those full 7 roster spots will be a combination of high school and transfers. If a normal class is made up (on average) of 75% high school and 25% transfers then those numbers likely still apply or maybe favor just a bit to high school recruits with these additional scholarship openings in Division I. Again their is no science to this, but simply one mans opinion. So, what to do with this information? Well, be aggressive! If you are getting Division I interest now is the time to be actively engaging with your coaches a few more spots just opened up!

Bryan Bedford

CEO, Recruit Route

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